#57 The Boy in Blue

#57 The Boy in Blue
Year: 1986
Director: Charles Jarrot
MPAA Rating: R
Epic Co-stars: A guy that looks like Robert Downey Jr, Christopher Plummer
Running Time: 100 minutes
Cage Time: 100%
Cage Kills: 0
Cage Flip-outs: 4
Shauna's Review: 
Boy in Blue is a period film about sculling (rowing), which the intro text tells us was basically the only sport in the era that this film is set. We open to Nic Cage kicking some ass in a race, where everyone's wearing dirty (period) clothing and rowing to 80's music, inexplicably. Cage tries to smuggle some moonshine   into America (presumably his night job) and is chased down by some policemen/ religious nuttos. He ends up on a boat to Philadelphia with a man who wants to manage him in some American races. Sporting movie type cliches go here.

Cage, so hot right now, Cage.
Martine is creaming her pants about this movie about 2 minutes in. His teeth aren't great, but he is young and super-ripped and HAWT. Yum. My favorite moment so far is when James says, "This is pretty much what Canada was like then," about a scene where the characters are at a circus in Philadelphia, all waving American flags, in case you missed the part where they said they were going to Philly. Anyway, the subject material isn't all that riveting-- it's based on the true story of Ned Hanlan, a Canadian who was one of the first rowers to use a sliding seat. Yes, a sliding seat pulls a lot of focus in this movie.

I'm young and pretty, give me some money.
TRIVIA: The steamboat shown in this movie is the oldest operating steam powered vessel in North America today. Woot. If you take a quick gander at Ned Hanlan's wikipedia page, you will see that this movie is very loosely based on his life. Best not to dwell on such things and just stare into those dreamy blue eyes, or gaze at those sweaty laterals.

This gun tastes terrible! Where have you been keeping it, in your ass?
In sum, I think it's worth seeing Cage in this movie, if only to see his rippling seating muscles, tight ass, and humongous sweatpants bulge. There are also some sexy lady bits, if that's more what you're into. But Cage is the real gem here-- young, handsome, and already earnest about investing himself fully into each character.

Movie quotability:
  • "Should we let them finish, sir?"
  • "The Boy in Blue." "That makes me sound like some kind of fancy boy!"
  • "You take the two on the right." "YOU take the two on the right."
  • "Big words don't butter the beans."
  • "Well, they say I look bigger with my clothes off."
Plot Holes:
  • Characters in America drinking booze.
  • Souvenir pillowcases are a thing. 
  • James says the clock in the background of the movie at 1:20 does not make sense.

Exceeds Expectations
Exceeds Expectations
Hot and bothered in the Cage.


Steve M said...

It was mediocre and the 80's music really ruins the mood and getting yourself into that time period. Can you imagine if Downton Abbey had opening music for each episode that was from a 1980's synthesizer? It takes the move right from class to trash.

Any how, Cage did a pretty good job and obviously had been hitting the gym a lot so as to look the part.

KaBluie said...

#28 The Boy In Blue (1986) Online. First Time View. I liked it alot.

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