#49 Christmas Carol: The Movie

#49 Christmas Carol: The Movie
Year: 2001
Director: Jimmy T. Murakami
MPAA Rating: PG
Epic Co-stars: Kate Winslet
Running Time: 77 mins
Cage Time: 4%
Cage Kills: 0
Cage Flip-outs: 0
Skyler's Review: 

Someone spent $10 million on this animated movie. It must be some sort of money laundering thing because it is terrible. The movie starts off and you think to yourself, "This is one of those animated movies from the 80s". The animation is surely pre-Beauty and the Beast. I mean, look at it. The frame rate is low, the animation is drawn, not rendered.

This is one frame of Nicolas Cage as a ghost. You've almost seen the whole scene now.
Then you look to see the year that this movie came out and see "2001". What! Then you start to think, "Was animation still that bad in 2001?" No. Other movies that came out that year: Shrek, Monsters Inc., Harry Potter 1, and Lord of the Rings 1.

Why was this movie made? It's not as good as Muppet Christmas Carol, to be sure. Did this movie come before the Muppets? No, the Muppets actually preceded this disaster by 9 years.

The movie isn't even a "as true to the story as possible" thing. There are mice EVERYWHERE. Are they all going to die of the plague? I don't remember this in the book. In fact, the story is barely recognizable at all. Except for that guy named "Scrooge" and the title of the movie.

Nicolas Cage is excellent as always.

Movie quotability:
  • "Ooooohhhhh [loud chain sounds]."

Plot Holes:
  • The fact that this movie was even made.  Do we really need yet another animated rendition of this movie?  Never mind one that is presented in such a lame, cliched style?

!Bonded with Shauna in the Cage!


Steve M said...

This is a fairly decent music video with Kate Winslet. On the "B" side is some animated movie from about 50 years ago, not worth your time.

KaBluie said...

#71 Christmas Carol: The Movie (2001) My DVD I got in a trade. First Time View. It was okay. Very small voice role for Nicolas Cage.

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