Coming up: STOLEN

Are you ready for some fresh, new Cage magic? And by "fresh, new" I of course mean "pretty fucking familiar" but still damn awesome. Nic Cage plays a thief, recently released from a ten-year stint in prison and extorted by a former colleague for bunches of money, the spoils of an old job. To ensure Cage's compliance, said compatriot (Josh Lucas, HAWT) is holding Cage's daughter (Malin Ackerman, HAWT) ransom in the trunk of his taxi cab. To pay the ransom, Cage has to rob a bank. Chaos and furrowed brows ensue! 

So much HAWTness in one film... so many Nic Cage meta-references. Ignoring the obvious comparisons to a similar movie of a synonymous name... it's like Trespass meets Gone in 60 Seconds meets Con Air meets Face/Off meets Red Rock West! Plus half a dozen other Nic Cage movies that don't immediately come to mind. Help me out here, folks.

PHOTOS if you can't wait for Cage's handsome mug to haunt your screen.


James Ayers said...

I REALLY hope I get to hear a Nic Cage version of this!

James Ayers said...

I'm sorry about that link... Here it is again!

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