#30 Deadfall

#30 Deadfall

Year: 1993
Director: Christopher Coppola
MPAA Rating: 
Epic Co-stars: Charlie Sheen, Talia Shire, James Coburn
Running Time: 98 mins
Cage Time: 30%
Cage Kills: 1
Cage Flip-outs: 6
/r/onetruegod's (failed) Review: Cage's performance here, as I see it, is building off that of Dennis Hopper in the film Blue Velvet. However, Cage gives a more nuanced take on the character, showing his deep-seated insecurities and rage.  Deadfall was directed by the brother of Our Lord, Christopher Coppola. This explains how he was able to capture the essence of the Cage so perfectly.*

Entering 17 minutes into the film, Cage steals the show which isn't hard to do because everyone else is an absolutely terrible actor.  When Dr. Cage isn't gracing the screen, the audience is forced to suffer through terrible narration and some sad emotional sex but is finally slightly rewarded with a glimpse of a pretty nicely executed cake in the shape of a horsey.  When Dr Cage is on the screen, the audience is treated to the worst (and by worst I mean BEST) mustache ever coupled with some of the most terrible (and by terrible I mean awesome)  hair in all of cinema.  Using these two small props, Dr. Cage transforms into one of the most memorable psychotic popper-addicted ruthless criminals in cinematic history.     Sadly, he is only on screen for about 30 minutes before performing an exit that is almost as spectacular as his character.

The Nouveau Shaman mastering his craft.

You are never too old to throw a fit on your bed.

Upon deeper contemplation of Deadfall, one will see many similarities between it the film and the /r/onetruegod community.  When initially introduced, both are very interesting and inspire thoughts like "how have I gone by whole life without seeing this" or "finally, something that is so awesome nothing else will ever surpass it".  But only after one becomes completely immersed (in Deadfall or the /r/onetruegod subreddit) he soon realizes that it is really 1% genius and 99% horseshit.  Both the film and the subreddit are built around a core of pure artistic genius, but in each case the genius is all but wasted by the mindless generic crap that surrounds it.  Luckily for both of them, videos like this (video may contain spoilers) or Cats like this will always remain to remind us of the pure artistic beauty that is so often totally washed out by the vast quantities uninspired garbage that tries to imitate it. 

*Thanks to /r/onetruegod member "thegreatwhitemenace" for providing your most valuable input to this review.  You are the one man truly devoted to his god even while surrounded by 7788 half-assed posers.  May your Mountain Dew be sweet. 

Movie quotability:
  • "What's the matter, cat got your fucking toungue?"
  • "This fucking fucker's fucked!"
  • "Time to kiss the baby, friend...  Wahh."
  • "I'll fuck you all summer long baby.  All summer long..."
  • "Fuck fuck fuck, fuckin fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.  Fuck.  Hi-fuckin' YA!!"
  • "Okay baby girl, who sent you?  Who sent ya?!?"
  • "Someones tryin' to fuckin' kill me man!!!!"
  • "Fucking hangers!!!"
  • "What am I, a fuckin' retard man?  Am I a fucking retard huh?  I know what this is.  Lou's trying to snuff me out because of his crazy little nephew being around.  Well vive la fucking France man..."
Plot Holes:
  • Every person everywhere is a shifty eyed creep.
  • Any sane person would just keep the bracelet.
  • Strip club has fog machine.
  • Guy is into foreplay when having sex with a whore.
  • Strange scissor hand super villain supposed to be taken seriously in non fantasy movie.

!Started reading after 59 minutes in the cage!


James Ayers said...

Deadfall is inspirational to artists everywhere. Here is a song by Snot that pulls some of the best lines from the movie.

Skyler Weaver said...

I can't wait until we get to this one.

Steve M said...

Do you ever get the feeling like a role was created for a particular actor that the director wanted rather than the perfect actor for a role being found by the casting people? I was really getting that feeling with this movie because it was like the director told Cage to just cut loose and explore acting like a doped up gangster and just have fun with it. I think he really did do a great job of it, but at the same time it makes him look like a one trick pony when we all know by now he can actually take on a wide variety of characters.

Over all though the movie was a bit of a bore and (spoiler alert) after Cage's demise I felt like I was just putting in the time so I could check the movie of my list. If you want a good con movie then watch Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.

Plots holes: Eddie (Cage) has been trying to get the money Baby owes "for months", yet Baby only owes 3 months worth. Right before sending Joe to collect the money from Baby we see Cage take a very long drink from his beer bottle, but as the bottle is set behind the bar we can see that he's consumed about 1" from the neck of the bottle. About half way though the movie we figure out that Joe's dad really isn't dead which pretty much ruins a con movie (once again, see Dirty Rotten Scoundrels for a proper con movie execution).

KaBluie said...

#66 Deadfall (1993) My DVD of the ''Nicolas Cage 6-Film Collection'' that I got at Walmart for $5.00. First Time View. Pretty good.

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