#32 Bringing Out the Dead

#32 Bringing Out the Dead

Year: 1999
Director: Martin Scorsese
MPAA Rating: R
Epic Co-stars: John Goodman, Patricia Arquette, Ving Rhames, Tom Sizemore
Running Time: 121 mins
Cage Time: 99%
Cage Kills: 2
Cage Flip-outs: 4 
Skyler's Review: 

This movie was bringing out the dead in me! First, let me state for the record that Nicolas Cage did an amazing job portraying his character with the style and grace that makes doves cry. Now for the movie...

Nic Cage keeps seeing this 'Rose' as a ghost everywhere.
At the start we see John Goodman who is awesome. John is saying some funny stuff and Nic Cage is being pretty cool. Cage is playing an ambulance driver that is dead inside. He's really pulling it off, too. It's cool at first but then it starts to be a drag.

Nic Cage starts seeing Rose's face everywhere. In reflections and stuff, every time he drives, and  when looking at other people.
Dr. Cage's hair is flat long hair; he kinda looks like a zombie. John Goodman is the only actor who comes even near Nic Cage in the flip-out department. Ving Rhames is pretty awesome too. Really funny. Cage just keeps acting dead inside.

As the movie moves along you get the feeling like they are trying to make a significant point by seeing Rose's face on other people, but after a few times it seems forced.
If you liked Insomnia or Edward Norton in Fight Club then you will totally like Bringing out the Dead. My favorite part was when they started talking about "applesauce cake" since that sounds really yummy.
You might be trying to really get "into" this review but then this girl's face keeps on popping up non sequitur.  
The overall plot is something about a new drug called "Red Death" that is causing young people to OD. All of the people that Nic and his co-drivers of the ambulance try to save are either old people that are too old to be saved, or drug addicts that can't be saved from themselves. After half of the movie is over, you feel that the writers have made their point; but they keep hitting you over the head with the same visuals and situations.
Seriously, they keep showing this girl's face so much that toward the end she served as a reminder to check your watch to see how much time was left.
Really the best part of the movie happens half way through when an ambulance does a flip. The credits really should have started to roll there. But, alas, there is still a whole lot of movie left. I would recommend this movie to someone that is so happy that they want to be brought down a little bit. Otherwise, leave this movie to folks spending a Year in the Cage.

If you are tired of seeing the same non-Cage image over and over, join the club.
Here, have a Cage... you'll feel better.

Movie quotability:
  • "Hold this.  If you let go I SWEAR, I don't kill you."
  • "I'm goin', it's easier than waitin'"
  • "It's 6 am the cocktail hour.  Pass me the bottle."
  • "You're in the stomach!"
  • "Where the hell are the bandaids?  This is an ambulance isn't it?"
Plot Holes:
  • Ambulance driving is a ridiculous fraternity of ridiculous doing ridiculous things. 
  • Twins don't come out at the same time.
  • Nobody holds the railing...

!Stayed in the Cage!


Steve M said...

The point of this movie s that you should get out of the way of ambulances or the crazy people inside will jump out and mess you up. That was the message behind the movie wasn't it? Maybe I missed the whole point of the movie because its one of those you have to be high while watching for it to make any sense.

KaBluie said...

#47 Bringing Out The Dead (1999) Showtime Extreme. First Time View. I really enjoyed this.

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