Picture Perfect Family

This is what the Serbian Textbook makers had in mind!  Nic Cage posing as a perfect family man even despite the fact that his family life is even crazier than the plots of some of his most ridiculous films.  TMZ has given us a nice wrap up of the events leading up to last nights peaceful family reunion between Christina Fulton (ex-girlfriend / baby's momma), Weston Cage (model son / "musician"), and Nicolas Cage (god among men / god among gods).

-- Nic Cage and baby-mama Fulton hit up a courthouse to settle a nasty $13-mil lawsuit
-- Nic tells TMZ "I hope Ms. Fulton will come to her senses one day and get some help."
-- Nic sends an employee to hunt down Weston ... who then beats the crap out of him.  
-- Weston is taken for a "mental evaluation," but his mom is banned from the hospital. 
-- Fulton tries to get conservatorship of Weston ... against his wishes. 
-- Weston tells TMZ "I want no contact with Christina Fulton and will never undergo the torment she put me through ever again." 

An overjoyed Nicolas Cage poses for a photo with his family.  His Nouveau Shamanic style is not just an acting  discipline, but a life philosophy that is employed in virtually every situation.

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