#18 Kick-Ass

#18 Kick-Ass
Year: 2010
Director: Matthew Vaughn
MPAA Rating:  R 
Epic Co-stars: McLovin'
Running Time: 117 min.
Cage Time: ~50%
Cage Kills: 7
Cage Flip-outs: 3
Fielding's Review:  
(We are proud to introduce our first guest reviewer on ayearinthecage.  We have been contacted by several Cage superfans who are also spending a year in the cage and have agreed to let them un-cage their passion in the form of a guest review.  
Fielding Winsteford is a very passionate fan bringing his words all the way from the city of Boston where he is currently an author for the New Yorker magazine.  He claims to have always been a Nicolas Cage fan, but his love for the Cage really took hold when taking a film class while working on his Masters of Literature at Yale.)

I watched this movie recently and it was really good.  Nic Cage sort of looked like a nerdy douche when the movie opened, but it quickly became apparent that he was totally bad ass.  His daughter is some sort of killing prodigy that can kill anyone she wants even though she is only like 9.  This is proof that Nic Cage is totally bad ass because he is probably the one who taught her.

The movie follows the life of Dave Lizewski who is played by Aaron Johnson.  Dave is a total comic book dork who can't seem to find any good reason why normal comic book dorks can't also be real life comic book super heroes.  He buys a wet suit online.  Then he puts the wet suit on.  Then he gets excited about how "kick-ass" he looks.  Then he goes outside and gets the shit kicked out of him.  Luckily for our hero, some hot chicks come into the picture and he decides to keep fighting.  Even luckier for our hero, Nicolas Cage and his daughter also enter the picture and are super bad ass at fighting.  Enter nerdy rival super villian who has some totally cool gear and you've got good movie entertainment material.

Sure he may have stolen Batman's costume a little bit, but at least he takes joy in murdering people with knives.
Kickass isn't a standout movie just due to Nicolas Cage.  The Nouveau Shamanic style is kept under wraps here mostly because the movie doesn't need it.  Overall Kickass is great due to a good story and big amount of violence and gore.  Sure, a little bit of sexual fantasy involving a big boobed english teacher and a little bit of the boning of hot chicks is in there.  But what really gets things going good are the gangs beating a man brutally and a man being cuffed to the steering wheel inside a car, which is crushed along with him in it in and car compactor.  Blood splatters on the windshield.  And that is just a tasty sample of what you get to see in this film.

Scanning from top to bottom in my opinion you got boring hair, lame dorky glasses, and probably the best mustache I've ever seen on a human.  If I could grow a mustache like that then I could kiss all my "pussy problems" goodbye.
I will end my guest review by commenting on Nicolas Cage's appearance in the movie.  His hair kind of blows because it is boring and just sits there and doesn't look like really anything that good.  This isn't a major problem because he wears glasses and that mostly makes you notice them and not his hair.  A lot of other times he has a mask.  He does have a totally dope mustache that makes him look pretty manly.  I couldn't tell if it was fake or not.  I hope it wasn't fake because I think he looks really cool with it and he should grow it back to look just like that in real life except for bushier.  

Movie quotability:
  • (shoots daughter) "Now you know how it feels, so you won't be scared when some junkie asshole pulls a Glock." 
  • "Good call, baby doll."
  • "Good at getting his ass, kicked.  They should call him Ass Kicked instead."

Plot Holes:
  • None

Exceeds Expectations
!Loved being in the cage!


Steve M said...

This has got to be one of the more enjoyable Cage movies so far. Could it be because it's really not that much about Cage at all or I've just lowered my standards? The real hero of the movie is of course Mindy, if only we could have daughters like that and be allowed to teach them what it feels like to be shot. The movie started out a little boring and didn't show much promise till she showed up and stole the show. Nic who? Oh yah, the really good parent every ready with backup on the sniper rifle.

Of course there are plot holes, but pointing them out and picking on them would make as much sense as doing the same to any other comic book based movie. Though I will say this was the most realistic wannabe Batman type hero movie that I have seen, right up till the final showdown which felt more like Ultraviolet or Aeon Flux.

Rilifon said...

Review #11

You can hate me, but for some reason I didn't enjoy as much this movie. I mean, I can see that it was well made, have its moments and even some nice Cage moments (or bizarres, like him burning to death alive), but for some reason I thought that the way it tried to break the cliche of Superheroes movies, they made just as many cliches.

Well, in the end, I'll be waiting for the sequel with anticipation. Maybe I was just tired watching it while eating popcorn with M&Ms.

My grade:5.5

KaBluie said...

#43 Kick-Ass (2010) My DVD This is a movie I've seen many times. This is excellent!

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