#37 Racing with the Moon

#37 Racing with the Moon
Year: 1984
Director: Richard Benjamin
MPAA Rating: PG
Epic Co-stars: Sean Penn, Elizabeth McGovern
Running Time: 108 min
Cage Time: 20%
Cage Kills: 0
Cage Flip-outs: 1
Skyler's Review: 
In short, this film is about some kids (Cage and Penn) whose numbers have come up for the draft of WW2 (for those of you that don't remember a time before Twitter, that is World War Two, the one against the Nazis). Since they know they are off to war after the summer, they spend their time in a sort of limbo. They make impulsive decisions and dangerous ones.

If you cut out all of the scenes with Sean Penn, the movie would have been much shorter; almost watchable.

Cage's character keeps on telling Penn's character to find some girls to just have some fun with since they are about to bug out. Penn's character then falls in love; oops. Generally, Nic Cage is awesome, as always; Sean Penn is the worst since as I was watching all I could think about is all the terrible things Penn said about the Master of the Screen. (If you don't know what I am referring to, see our previous review for #36 Fast Times).

These two are racing a train. They never race the moon. Awful.

This is now two films in a row that have more Sean Penn than Nic Cage on the screen. Two films in a row that has characters getting abortions. Two films in a row that made me wish I was watching something else. Except for when Dr. Cage was delivering his part, of course.

Movie quotability:

  • "This movie makes no goddamn sense."-James
  • "Is this a slasher?"-Skyler
  • "I like how all graveyards have smoke blowing through them, regardless of the time of day."-James
  • "I bet she looks like a rose and smells as sweet." -Sean Penn's dad, creepily
  • "Oh, Mrs. Spangler- religion's a little shaky."-Caddie
  • "I ain't gonna be no sap to some skirt."- NC
  • "Come back nurse. I wanna show you my "wound"" -Cage

Plot Holes:

  • Sean Penn is terrible.

!Wasted two hours in the CAGE!


Steve M said...

I think that the title refers to having about a month of time before shipping out to boot camp being about the length of a lunar cycle, but that is a pretty big stretch. Has Sean Penn always been so annoying?

What I've learned from the past two movies is that in the 40's an abortion cost $150 and the guy paid for it and in the 80's it still cost $150 but the guy and girl are expected to split the cost 50/50. I suppose it still costs $150 but the girl pays for it all?

What this movie really needed is less Penn and more Cage!

Unknown said...

Nic is great, as usual. Sean Penn is the anthropomorphization of a foot. Features great swing music. Not a terrible film overall, we managed to stay engaged in the cage.

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